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Short project description

“Klaidutis” is a new concept in distance learning. More strictly speaking, it is open project for learnining lithuanian spelling and correct speaking. This is an open project, so everyday many students register, who want not only to test themselves, but also to compete with others.

New concepts

How does this project differ from others distance learning projects? It is open project. This means that it doesn’t need regular specialistis supervision. Project is composed in such way, that students are simulated to share their knowledge with others. So programmers just created various tools in order to develop project itself easily.

How this is implemented in this project?

The axis of this object is point collecting. Earning points and competing is the best method to stimulate students. Students earn points, when they do certain tests. But this is just one of the ways to earn points. To encourage students to share they knowledge with other stundents, points for suggested tests are given: that means they get considerably more points from test cases suggestion than making tests themselves. Our point is to balance point system, i.e. we want students to suggest as more new tests as possible. Moreover, if the test, suggested by the student, is approved by editors, he permantly gets constant amount of points when somebody makes a mistake on it.

Practise shows that this system serves the purpose completely: every day students suggest tests in tens, so test databse is growing slowly, but gradually every day.

Interested? Have any ideas how to support us?

Project requires some humanic resources: server care, customer support. If you have some ideas or suggestions how to support us, please contact us by email visockas@licejus.lt. If you are interested and want to install similar project in your country, we will gladly assist you and share our knowledge.


Klaidutis’ staff

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